20 Dec 2012

Effective Teleworking 101

Too few of us have the luxury of being able to telecommute through the year, but when holiday season comes around, it’s often vital to keep in touch with the essentials of your role or business. Here’s how to do it without your phone and laptop destroying your holiday. Designate Work Times and Spaces Choose a space that’s quiet and pleasant enough to work in without feeling like you’re back in the office. Use it only for work. You can even do this if you’re travelling to multiple destinations – you can just put a new one aside each time you change towns, cities, countries or continents. Similarly, try to have a bracket earlyish in the day to check in the office and hopefully knock over whatever needs doing so you can relax for the rest of each day. Use the Cloud A combination of web-based apps, a virtual desktop service and cloud-storage means you should be able to access most or all of what you can get at your desk from a hotel, resort or tent almost anywhere in the world. Tweak your teleworking set-up before you leave to give you what you need out of it while you’re away. This includes modifying your phone system and using cloud telephony services to minimise global roaming charges when you’re overseas. Have a Holiday You’re not a full-time telecommuter, so it’s okay to prioritise spontaneity and family/social life over work during a holiday. There’ll be a time when you’re on your own later to be able to take care of what needs doing, so don’t feel as though you’ve got to lock yourself away and work. Allowing yourself some space and freedom in your break will ensure you come back rested, happy and productive. Steven MacKenzie is the Head of Client Management at Brennan IT