19 Mar 2014

Cybercriminals use fake news on missing flight MH370 to steal data

Caution should be used by those trying to keep up with news on missing flight MH370, as cyber criminals take advantage of the worldwide attention on the event.

A file has been spotted by security experts that is disguised as a video. When clicked, the file proceeds to collect the user’s data such as IP address.

Another scam works by enticing Facebook users to click a link that reads “(BREAKING NEWS) Malaysia Plane Crash into Vietnam Sea MH370 Malaysia Airlines is found!” When the link is clicked, the user is taken to a webpage that requires the page to be shared on social media before the video will play. This is obviously put in place so that the video will reach a wider network of people. Once shared, the page asks you to take a test to ‘verify your age’. This test is actually a survey, which is the entire purpose of the scam.

As always, it is recommended to use reputable news sites for your information. Flight MH370 is still missing, and the search continues.