05 Nov 2013

Cloud Poll Results: Do you find value in the cloud?

Cloud computing plays a significant role in many businesses’ IT, according to an exclusive poll that we recently ran at Brennan IT.

A full 75% of respondents told us that they found value in using cloud computing in their business. Further, it seems that the cost effectiveness of cloud technology is one of the most compelling drivers, based on the poll’s responses. One respondent wrote; “The cost of purchasing and maintaining server infrastructure and the cost of hiring and retaining expertise in networking, virtualisation, server maintenance, SQL and support is prohibitive.”

So what are organisations using cloud computing for?

  • 44% of respondents said that they were using cloud for all of their production applications, while 55% responded that just some of their production applications were sitting on their cloud services.
  • Backup and recovery is another key use for cloud with 45% of respondents said they were using cloud for their backups.
  • 33% of respondents found value in data replication through the cloud.
  • Finally, a smaller but not insignificant number of customers (21% of respondents) used cloud for testing purposes.

Of the small minority of respondents that were not currently using cloud, the main reason cited, was that their applications were not cloud-friendly.

Despite the overwhelming business drivers to the cloud, there are some residual concerns that organisations have with the technology.

“Some cloud access is reasonable. But business critical data should remain in house,” one respondent wrote. “It’s great value for test environment and backup. Still not sure on cloud for production environment,” another wrote.

One of the most interesting responses to the survey highlighted the way that many organisations view Cloud; “A balance will always be achieved between the costs of having your own or using someone else’s,” one respondent wrote. “To use someone else’s infrastructure will always create risks around the fact that the importance on your applications for someone else is never quite the same as the importance your business places on a system.”

Regardless of what you’re using the cloud for, it’s essential to find the right service provider that has a range of cloud options that can cater for your key concerns and cloud use cases. Always look for a service provider who is able to present you with customer references and SLA’s with guaranteed availability. Technology is constantly evolving and cloud computing is an area that businesses can explore to help drive business growth and efficiency.