Case Study

Kwik Kopy

When Kwik Kopy moved their web platform to the cloud, they discovered a high-performance hosting environment ready to scale, that also helped reduce costs while allowing them to focus on their business.

The Situation

Kwik Kopy Australia was established in 1982 as an independent Australian company under licence from Kwik Kopy Corporation USA. Providing a full range of corporate design and print solutions, Kwik Kopy and its franchisees now operate more than 100 sites nationally.

An important element of Kwik Kopy’s success is it’s customer service. For it’s established, high-value business customers, Kwik Kopy provides access to an online platform for submitting orders, managing collateral and accounts.

“Our online platform is a complete e-commerce system servicing our most important customers,” says Brett Herford-Fell, Kwik Kopy’s Business Systems Development Manager. “It’s critical that it be available and performing 24/7.”

To power its web platform, Brett says that Kwik Kopy requires a reliable, high-performing hosting infrastructure that can quickly scale.

“In the design business, file sizes and processing needs are large and constantly growing. Whatever infrastructure we use must be able to expand in response to our needs. This makes the cloud an obvious choice,” he says.

Kwik Kopy decided to transition to Brennan IT’s cloud infrastructure four years ago when the service first became available.

The Solution

Brett says that Infrastructure-as-a-Service is a perfect fit for Kwik Kopy’s hosting platform.

Through virtual machines in Brennan IT’s cloud, Kwik Kopy’s web platform connects customers and franchisees around Australia.

“When we started it was with one virtual machine,” Brett observes. “Demand has now seen this grow to four, and we’re constantly managing and expanding our memory and storage needs.”

“This ability to scale is an important feature of the Brennan IT platform,” says Brett. “We’re able to monitor the performance our application is delivering while increasing capacity as required.”

Firewalls, security and redundancy measures are all managed by Brennan IT Brett explains – leaving him and his team more time to focus their efforts on business needs.

A managed internet connection securely links Kwik Kopy directly to Brennan IT. Kwik Kopy also receives 24/7 technical support and access to specialist engineers, and Brett says that the platform’s redundancy, as well as its performance to date, gives him complete confidence in the reliability of the service.

To take further advantage of the platform, Kwik Kopy recently moved its accounting package into the infrastructure.

The Benefits

Brett says that a key benefit of Brennan IT’s cloud hosting is its ability to scale. “With an increasing number of customers using our platform to manage jobs and store artwork, the fact that we can increase capacity on demand is enormously beneficial,” he says. “To simply be able to schedule an upgrade with the Brennan IT team makes managing our requirements stress free.”

Brett believes that the ability to rent infrastructure that can scale lowers his total cost of ownership while freeing the Kwik Kopy team to concentrate on system development. High levels of redundancy offer peace of mind that Kwik Kopy’s platform will be delivered with the utmost reliability, he says.

Expert help and support is another important benefit. “We haven’t had many issues, and those we have had have been quickly fixed,” says Brett. “It’s good to know that specialist assistance is on hand, as well as direct access to engineers when we need them.”

Brett rates the reliability of the service as “excellent,” saying that he would “absolutely” recommend it to companies who thought it would meet their needs.

“Every twelve months we take the time to assess the offerings of a range of cloud providers,” Brett adds. “In our experience, international cloud services are still troubled by latency, and, locally, we’ve not found a service that matches the performance offered by Brennan IT.”

Brett concludes by saying that Brennan IT’s cloud is now the “default choice” considered by Kwik Kopy for all new IT projects.

To find out more about Kwik Kopy click here.

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