Case Study

Bankstown City Credit Union

When Bankstown City Credit Union needed to refresh their aging infrastructure, turning to the cloud was the obvious choice.

The Situation

When their hosted IT infrastructure needed a refresh, BCCU concluded that the upgrade proposed by their IT provider was too expensive and failed to take advantage of emerging technologies.

“We were hosting a range of servers with a third-party data center, but with a physical server required for each application and with servers and products approaching their use by date. It was time for a new approach,” says Enis Huseyin, BCCU’s Senior Manager of IT & eCommerce.

“Unfortunately, the solution offered by our IT provider failed to exploit the technologies we knew would help us, and would require us to do most of the upgrade work. It also didn’t satisfy our aim of reducing expenditure.”

The Solution

BCCU began the search for a more proactive and engaged solution.

“We wanted a company that could deliver solutions for us across the board and deploy a private cloud infrastructure that would offer a reliable backbone for both our banking and office systems,” says Huseyin. “We knew Brennan IT were at the forefront of Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions, and the proposal they put forth was very attractive.”

Now live and in its second year, Huseyin says that BCCU’s new Private cloud infrastructure has proved itself both in terms of its performance and reliability.

Combining Brennan IT’s private cloud infrastructure with Brennan IT data, voice and IT support services, the system provides an integrated ‘one-stop’ solution.

From internet banking to mobile and telephone banking services, the cloud delivers BCCU’s consumer-facing banking and financial application needs.

Using a Citrix thin client environment, the cloud also provides BCCU’s internal and external network environment and desktop workstations, hosting everything from BCCU’s Microsoft Exchange services to its business applications.

“The Citrix environment has simplified the way our staff perform their day-to-day tasks, as well as improving the reliability of access they get from home or on the road by eliminating the need for a VPN,” says Huseyin.

The solution is backed by 24/7 support with active monitoring, ensuring that stringent SLAs are met. Huseyin says that Brennan IT’s support is different to what BCCU has received in the past: “When some companies say 24/7 support, they mean there’s someone to answer the phone and take a message so that work can begin in the morning. Brennan IT, however, call their experts in on demand. When we’ve needed things fixed overnight, it’s happened.”

The Benefits

Huseyin says that the most important benefit of the cloud solution has been its reliability. In addition to there being “hardly any downtime,” he states that Brennan IT are “proactive to ensure that our systems are tuned-up and running smoothly.”

The credit union’s productivity has also seen a boost, with new levels of flexibility of access delivered through the cloud and Exchange ActiveSync providing mobility to all staff using handset and tablet devices.

Financially, the solution has taken the axe to BCCU’s expenditures. “Thanks to the pay-for-use model, our CAPEX has dropped dramatically,” Huseyin observes. “The scalability of the cloud also means that we can increase capacity quickly, and consistently size our infrastructure to our demands.”

Asked about security, Huseyin says that while security is critical given the nature of BCCU’s business, the credit union is comfortable with the maturity of the private cloud model, which, Huseyin says, has “actually been around for a long time.”

Evaluating Brennan IT’s performance over the life of the service, Huseyin says that Brennan IT have been responsive, reliable and easy to deal with.

BCCU’s future plans with Brennan IT include shifting further services and applications to the cloud, implementing an improved disaster recovery system and deploying a secure network monitoring and intrusion detection platform.

Asked if he’d recommend Brennan IT’s services to other financial institutions, Huseyin says that he has indeed already pointed several credit unions in Brennan IT’s direction.

“Brennan IT and their cloud services have proved to be exactly what we’ve needed, both in terms of performance, and in the ability to find the range of solutions we need under the one roof,” Huseyin concludes.

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