11 Oct 2012

Can't wait for Windows 8

Windows 8 will be with us very soon and is the most widely anticipated release from Microsoft this year. Windows 8 brings with it many performance and productivity gains, including faster boot times, visually appealing interface, synchronisation of settings between Desktop, Mobile and Tablet plus intuitive gesture controls including handwriting support to name but a few. Microsoft have a cost effective licensing model available to upgrade to Windows 8 from any existing Windows desktop operating system. The licensing model is called Open Value Subscription which is a 3 year subscription agreement with annual payments for the licenses and includes software assurance. If you have deployed Windows 7 in the past few years, this a great opportunity to extend the life of your desktop and notebook assets while moving to the latest operating system. When upgrading via this licensing model, you are entitled to Windows 8 Enterprise which includes features like BranchCache and Windows To Go which aren’t included in the Windows 8 Professional edition. In Windows 7, Bitlocker for security/encryption was only available in the Enterprise product in Windows 8 it is now in the Professional version which is a sound move by Microsoft. For as little as $50 per annum per device you can migrate to Windows 8 which is totally great, mate! If you would like more information, please contact Brennan IT or your Microsoft representative who will only be too happy to help. Office Professional is also available through Open Value Subscription which is a fantastic way of upgrading to Office 2010 today or Office 2013 in the future. Windows 8 launches October 26th. Ken Jeffreys is the Chief Technology Officer, Service Delivery Managers at Brennan IT.