04 Mar 2014

IT Maturity Index Reveals Demand for All Kinds of Technology

In the latest ‘Buzz IT Maturity Index’ survey, it is clear that the appetite and demand for technology is increasing. In the next 12 months:
  • Nearly 50% (48.7%) of organisations plan to invest in mobility solutions
  • 48% of organisations plan to invest in cloud solutions
  • 38.8% of organisations plan to invest in more advanced collaboration technologies
  • 52.4% of organisations plan to invest in data solutions
The results are in; 2014 is shaping up to be a year of significant IT investment for Australian organisations. A recent survey produced by Brennan IT reveals that technology will play a key role in business investment in the year ahead, as companies look to enhance workplace efficiency, security, and enable their staff to be more productive when mobile. Among some of the insights gleaned from the inaugural Brennan IT’s ‘The Buzz’ IT Maturity Index survey, 44.4% of organisations are planning to undertake new security projects over the next year, 52.4% are planning to invest in storage, backup or disaster recovery, 48% are planning to adopt cloud services, and 38.8% will increase spending on collaboration solutions. In creating the IT Maturity Index, a cross-section of senior decision makers from Australian mid-market to enterprise companies were surveyed on their company’s current use of technology across six main categories – mobility, security, data, software, cloud and collaboration. In addition, survey participants were asked to highlight the priority they place on investment in these categories for the year ahead. The results show a strong appetite for investment across the board. Key insights from the survey include:
  • Almost half (48.7%) of organisations are planning on investing in mobility in the next 12 months. Of these, the overwhelming majority will be rolling out devices managed by the internal IT team (82.4%), and they tend to rely on third party apps (41.2%) over developing their own apps (27.5%).
  • With regards to security, 44.4% of organisations will make investments in the next year, and 36.8% consider security a major focus for the organisation. Currently, most businesses have minimum security measures in place, with 90.9% of those surveyed saying that they have a firewall, but more robust security measures such as two-factor authentication (55%) and Security information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions (23.0) are less common.
  • In terms of data, only 19.1% of respondents consider analytics and business intelligence to be a major focus for the business in the year ahead, but over half (52.4%) of those surveyed said that their business would be investing in data solutions in the next year. There is still a lot of data being retained onsite, with 86.3% of organisations keeping some data within the organisation, and 58.8% of organisations still using discs, stored on site, as the backup option.
  • Software is an exciting opportunity for businesses at the moment, with 21.1% of organisations listing a Windows software upgrade as a major focus, and a further 25.0% considering an office productivity/ collaboration tool upgrade as a major priority. When it comes to accessing the corporate network from the field, VPN remains overwhelmingly popular, with 71.9% of respondents claiming that VPN was the strategy core to enabling mobility.
  • For almost a quarter (23.6%) of organisations, cloud is a major focus for the next 12 months. Furthermore, 35.7% are looking to invest in hybrid cloud over the same period. The two most compelling reasons for companies to consider cloud is the scalability that it offers (80.9%), and the cost savings that can be realised through outsourcing (78.7%).
  • While most organisations collaborate effectively using email (92.1%) and the traditional phone (89.5%), there is an appetite to adopt more advanced collaboration technologies with 38.8% of those surveyed highlighting the intention to invest in collaboration solutions in 2014. Sharing documents has become fairly common, with 76.3% of respondents collaborating in that manner. Behind that Teleconferencing is being used by 73.7% of organisations, Video Conferencing is in 65.8% of offices, and Instant Messaging is a part of 57.9% of businesses.
The results show that while many Australian organisations are making use of advanced technology solutions and services, there are many more that haven’t but investment is at the forefront of their planning from the year ahead. “The results of ‘The Buzz’ IT Maturity Index survey show that Australian organisations are prepared to invest in technology in 2014 to get a competitive edge,” Dave Stevens, Brennan IT Managing Director, says. “More than ever, IT is an essential part of building a better business: whether your objective is more growth, greater efficiencies, smarter ways of working, or all of the above,” Stevens adds. “Our mission with ‘The Buzz’ IT Maturity Index was to discover both the IT pressure points and opportunities for organisations in 2014, and the results suggest a greater awareness and appreciation of the value of technology than we have ever seen before.”