25 Feb 2012

Becoming more profitable

Profitability is the lifeblood of any business.

Improving profitability is a challenge that can have many solutions – from reducing costs, to increasing margins, volumes and revenues.

Exactly how it can be done in your business will of course depend on the nature of your own operations.

But in any case, we thought we’d offer some profit-improving ideas that some may find useful:

1. Improve your sales technology.

Revisiting your sales processes and the technologies that underscore them can be a quick way to find more profit. Revaluate the way in which you’re evaluating your leads. Are you converting the sales that your scoring systems suggest you’ll convert? Are you tracking the right kinds of indicators, and so forth.

2. Listen to your customers.

One of the best sources of sales are customers you already have, but of course bombarding them with deals and marketing material may be the fastest way to spoil your relationship. Instead, listen – try to understand their business and then decide what products you can deliver or design that will help. It’s far easier to make a sale when there’s a need.

3. Track everything.

If you don’t know where in your business your costs are, it’s difficult to cut the dead wood. Thankfully, mobility and related technologies are making tracking easier than ever before. Business intelligence applications can also observe and predict trends that can improve sales.

4. Watch your competition.

Staying abreast of your competition’s pricing and products will not only help you to undercut them where you can, but can also help you to understand the perception of the marketplace from your customer’s point of view.

What do you think? How have you managed to make your business more profitable?