07 Dec 2012

Australia's internet usage up 52% from last year

During 2011-12, Australian’s internet use has sky rocketed, with a 52% increase in downloads from last year. A study by the ACMA released yesterday showed that we downloaded 421,147 terabytes in the last financial year, which is up from 202,150 terabytes downloaded in FY10-11. A huge majority of 92% of these downloads were achieved on fixed broadband. The study also found that we are more connected than ever. Nearly half of Australia’s adult population (49%) owns a mobile phone that has internet capabilities. As well as this, 10.8 million Australians go online daily, and the report suggests that a typical Australian is online for around 82 hours a month. There is no doubt that there has been a shift in the way we communicate to each other, with 48% of Australians using their mobile as their primary form of communication, with fixed phone lines being used by 22% and email 21%. Interestingly, there are currently 30.2 million mobile services in use across the country, which is around 25% higher than our population. It is likely that this is mostly accounted for the millions of people who have both a personal and a business mobile phone service. These figures are only set to grow further as our internet connections increase in speed, reliability and affordability.