18 Oct 2013

Australians are still ignoring the importance of mobile security

The annual Norton cyber-crime report from Symantec was released this week, and it was a mixture of both good and worrying results. On the positive side, the average cost of a cyber-attack in Australia has dropped from $300 to $200 in the past 12 months. This is mainly due to cyber criminals fishing for smaller amounts of money from larger groups of people, but also due to Australian’s growing awareness of the crime. On the negative side however, it seems that mobile security is still something that Australians are taking for granted. Australians, compared with other countries, are more likely to believe that online storage devices such as Dropbox are completely secure. In fact, 55% of Australians believe this is the case. The report also shows that only 53% of Australians will delete suspicious emails on their smartphones, and 57% of mobile device users were not even aware that security solutions for mobile devices exist. The trouble is, instances of mobile security breaches are increasing, according to Sean Kopelke, Director of Technology with Symantec Australia. It is in this climate that businesses should be especially careful in introducing a BYOD or mobility policy into their work environment, and ensure that employees are adequately educated in the dos and don’ts of mobile security.