14 Mar 2014

Australian Mobile Device Management (MDM) market doubles with employees bringing their devices and apps to work

According to Telsyte’s new Enterprise Mobility Market Study 2014, the MDM market is booming, with employees bringing more devices and apps than ever to work. This has proved difficult for businesses who are unable to keep up with this demand; nearly 60% of organizations have employees that use their own apps, but only 27% of these organisations actually allow this use. The study interviewed 460 CIOs and IT decision makers about MDM, and Bring Your Own Apps (BYOA). The interviews revealed that over the last year, the number of businesses using a dedicated MDM system has more than doubled – from 12% to nearly 25%. While there has been a lot of interest in the BYOD and MDM trend, many companies have overlooked the importance of BYOA. There is a potential danger to the business when employees use their own apps as they can allow potentially sensitive information out of the company and shared with others. The apps that are being used include Gmail, DropBox, GoTo Meeting, Skype and Remember the Milk. If there are company approved alternatives to these applications that allow the user to achieve the same results, they are much less likely to bring unauthorised apps to work and decrease any risk to the business.