08 Oct 2013

Apps; The Mobility Enabler

The latest issue of The Buzz from Brennan IT, available from Friday 4th October, takes an in-depth look at your apps strategy and how to ensure your business is taking maximum advantage of the technology while maintaining the necessary security practices for the data. This issue also discusses a great variety of technology trends including mobility, collaboration, security, cloud, software and data. These articles have been created with the combined help of some of the world’s leading IT vendors; Autodesk, Cisco, Citrix, HP, Microsoft, NEC, RSA, Sophos, Symantec, Toshiba, Veeam and VMware. Cover Story Snapshot: Thinking inside the square Apps are a beautiful innovation because they take those mobile devices that everyone now carries with them and make them easy to use, fully fledged productivity tools for business. It’s thanks in no small part to proprietary apps, designed specifically for business, that we’re able to make fully mobile workforces a reality and maintain the critical work-life balance that keeps staff happy. They’re fun to use, and convenient; with a single click or tap you’re in the program, and when the mobile device itself is organised as nicely as modern interfaces allow, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the technology chugging along in the background to make these apps work needs careful consideration by the business leaders. Apps are more than a little tile on a screen in the background. It’s vital that modern businesses, even as they adopt apps as part of the broad mobile strategy, understand how the technology works together, from the mobile device, to the datacentre where the data is held, and the critical security measures that will keep the sensitive business information protected. It’s equally important that organisations understand how the app will work within the context of the organisation’s approach to mobile computing. It’s one thing to provide staff with dedicated devices loaded with these mission-critical apps. It’s quite another to suggest that they can access and use the app from their jailbroken iPhone. To get to grips with the integrated systems hidden behind the simple tap of an app, read more by visiting the Buzz website at www.thebuzzmagazine.com.au.