24 Oct 2013

Apple doesn’t budge on its iPad pricing – but gives more for free.

While competitors in the tablet market seem to be on a downward trend when it comes to pricing, Apple has made a conscious decision to do the exact opposite. This week they have released a new hi-definition iPad mini which will be sold at $399 US – $70 more expensive than the model released last year. While premium pricing seems to be the strategy that Apple is sticking with, they are providing customers with a wide range of choice in their tablet selection. As well as the old selection of iPads, consumers are now able to purchase the iPad Air which is thinner, lighter, faster and has better graphics than any iPad that has come previously. There was also the release of another iPad mini, with the exact same specs as the newly released Air, but with a heavier weight and increased thickness. So how is Apple staying on top of its competitors besides specs? By giving away software. Both OS X Mavericks, iWork and iLife are available to download for free, which does show Apple responding to the pressure of lower prices. Only time will tell if this will be enough for consumers.