25 Jun 2013

Apple-1 sold for over half a million at auction!

The Apple-1, hand built in 1976 by inventors and co-founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs was one of the first PC’s ever built and resulted in the commencement of a revolution. Only 200 were ever made, the majority of which were traded in for the Apple-2 or have long been discarded or lost. It is estimated that 30 to 50 exist today; the last one that went to auction was no longer functioning and sold for over $300,000. The Apple 1 originally went on sales for $666.66, as Steve Wozniak apparently was into numbers and liked this sequence. Included in the original Apple-1 was a simple circuit board. Buyers had to supply their own power supply, keyboard, and monitor and was sold for the equivalent price of a MacBook Pro today. The auction held in Germany closed yesterday and was named the ‘First Bytes: Iconic Technology from the Twentieth Century’ where the Apple 1 sold for $US647,400. The buyer was a wealthy entrepreneur from the Far East who wishes to be kept anonymous.