24 Apr 2013

Android to reach 1 billion mobiles by the end of the year!

Further staking their claim as the world’s No.1 mobile phone software, 1 billion devices will have the Android software by the end of the year.  Google Inc Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt stated that the current amount of users (750 million) is predicted to hit the 1 billion mark within 6 months, and will be nearly 2 billion in 2 years. A staggering 1.5 million devices are activated daily far exceeding rival numbers from Apple and Windows. Android has proven to be a massive success for Google it’s hard to believe that this software company is only five years old. Not only has Google taken over the smartphone market share they have also gained unparalleled access into the growing trend of consumers accessing the web primarily though mobile devices rather than PC’s. Schmidt attributes this success to the availability of Android devices at a low cost. To access Android OS all you need is an inexpensive smartphone with a browser making the technology readily available to the masses, Android is currently available with 320 network operators in 160 countries.