08 Aug 2013

Android now controls 79% of market share, with iOS dropping to 13.2%

At the middle of this year, IDC reports show that Apple’s share in the smartphone operating systems market has dropped to 13.2%, which is a fall from 16.6% at the same time last year. As it has been almost a year since a new product launch from Apple, many believe that Apple’s market share was always going to be prone to vulnerabilities, particularly because many Android lines of phone have enjoyed successful launches in the last few months. However, as a new iPhone and new version of iOS are being released later this year, we may see a swing back to favourable reports for Apple. The secret to Android’s domination of the market share so far is simply that their success does not rest with one device – Google’s partnership with Samsung, LG, Motorola, and others means that success of any of these phones is a success for the operating system. We saw Windows dominate PCs for decades – will the same eventually happen with Android for smartphones?