03 Feb 2014

Advanced security still a pipe dream for many IT teams

A recent poll conducted by Brennan IT shows that while almost all organisations have basic anti-virus measures in place, more advanced protection is less common. For instance, 94% of organisations have basic anti-virus and anti-malware measures in place, and 90% have a Firewall or perimeter defense installed. But from there the security technology use drops off significantly. Only 72% of organisations have intrusion detection technology, and 66% of organisations have intrusion prevention. 53% of organisations have two-factor authentication, and just 23% of respondents have a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution in place. In terms of the threats that worry organisations the most, the most significant worry that keeps IT teams up at night is data leakage. 76% of respondents listed data leakage via mobile devices as a concern for the organisation, and 74% listed Cloud-based data leakage as a concern. Furthermore, threats of former or dissatisfied staff is a concern for many as well, with 66% listing that as a concern. Viruses and Malware remain concerns, with 66% and 69%, respectively, listing those as a worry. Relatively few organisations are concerned with Distributed Denial-of-Service, or DDoS, attacks (64%) and Ransomware (57%), however. What do all these statistics point to? That security is a major concern for almost all organisations, and it’s a concern across multiple threats. And yet despite this concern, many organisations haven’t implemented the most robust security technologies that are available to them.