22 Feb 2013

5 ways your business can benefit from mobile apps

The explosion of mobile devices has changed the way modern business is conducted. It is impossible to ignore the massive growth of the mobile industry, in the past 3 years over 2 billion apps have been downloaded on to mobile devices! With this huge statistic in mind, business owners should be asking themselves how many competitors are gaining efficiencies and a competitive advantage by using mobile apps. A good mobile app will solve a problem for a business or a customer, enabling users to do something on the move rather than on their computer, in person or over the telephone. Here are 5 reasons your business needs a mobile app:
  1. Improve consumer engagement by creating a personal window into your business and how you deliver it.
  2. Create a new unique touch point, stand out from the crowd and get noticed!
  3. Deliver better customer service by providing a mobile app that accepts orders, and keeps the client up-to-date with order status and delivery information
  4. Increase your field technicians productivity with a mobile app that allows entering of data while in the field and automatically synchronising with head office systems.
  5. Improve scheduling of field technicians and delivery services a mobile app showing the current location, routing and estimated time of arrival.
  Do you think your business could benefit from a mobile app?