10 Jul 2012

4 better ways to use LinkedIn

As a tool for professional networking and connection, LinkedIn continues to hold the number one spot.

Despite its recent security concerns (the theft of some user passwords – change yours if you haven’t already!) the platform remains the first point of call for business social networking.

While many of us are members, some of us probably don’t make as much of the platform as we could.

In no particular order, here are a few LinkedIn tips gathered in a quick poll of the Brennan IT team:

Join groups

One of LinkedIn’s best features is its groups.

Make sure that you join any industry or field-related groups – even if you don’t participate in discussions, they’re a great way to keep up with what’s happening and to foster connections in your field.

Share content

Many LinkedIn members aren’t very active when it comes to sharing, but sharing is a great way to promote your business and its skills.

If you’ve written a blog, completed a course, been quoted in the media – letting the other professionals know will keep you and your business front of mind.

Build connections

Whether it’s a client or a colleague, it’s important to add connections you’re making in the real world to your virtual networks. Plugins exist that allow you to add connections directly from Outlook.

Complete your profile

This is a common LinkedIn suggestion because it’s important not only in terms building a strong impression for your connections to understand your expertise and experience, but also for those searching LinkedIn for specific skills, people or businesses.

What do you think? Which activities have you found most useful on LinkedIn? Share below.