10 Apr 2012

3 ways to improve your website

What makes a business website work? Tell us below.

Websites are vital business tools. The impression they give is often the first that potential customers take away. If your site is old, poorly maintained or looks stagnant, you run the danger that the visitor will make the same assessment of your business. Of course, many businesses maintain exceptional websites – transforming them into powerful resources for attracting, retaining and informing their customers. Here are a few tips to consider to make sure you’re leaving a positive impression:

Refresh, refresh!

Web trends change quickly. To leave a good impression, make sure your site’s appearance is up to date. Once you have a good bedrock in place, incremental changes, rather than a wholesale redesign, are all that’s required to be an attractive destination.

Deliver what your customers want

Deciding what information your website should present and how it should function can be a balancing act between your business needs and your customer’s desires. At Brennan IT, we think you should always come down on the customer’s side – offering as many resources, tools, fact sheets, case studies and product details as you can.

Manage expectations

When it comes to business websites, one size does not fit all. Social media and blogs can be a fantastic means to engage with customers, but only if you actively use them. (If your blog has a first and last post dated 2008, for example, it might be better not to have one at all). The key is to make sure that your site meets the expectations that it sets.

What do you think? What makes a good business website?