29 Jan 2014

3 reasons we are not too far from Her

Siri just keeps getting smarter

In the movie, the OS ‘Bright’ is released by a research team, which learns what type of person you are and acts accordingly. Technology that can recognise facial cues, the tone of your voice and type of touch are now being tested by technology companies, and it won’t be long before it can be used by the general public. In a move that suggests just that, Google recently purchased DeepMind, a British start-up that has made leaps in algorithms and machine learning.

Social media makes you lonely

A study from the University of Michigan shows that online social media, rather than making us more connected, actually cases loneliness and reduces your overall wellbeing. The study’s participants revealed that the more time they spent on Facebook, the less happy they felt over time. Is it just this kind of loneliness that could lead people to form relationships with stunningly arcuate AI?

 The move to emotional labour

In the movie, the lead character Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) works as a surrogate letter writer for people that want hand-written heart-felt pieces for their loved ones. Becoming numb to this act, and his general disconnected life, he looks for ways to feel emotionally engaged. This leads to his relationship with Samantha, his OS. The fact that many others have relationships with OS as the movie progresses, we well as the demand for Theo’s letters, shows that as we become disconnected from each other, (as in the social media example) it is possible that we will move to paying for more ways to feel heightened emotions again. Easter Egg