22 Jan 2013

3 emerging social platforms, and how to use them

By now we’re all on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, using these to drive our social engagement with our customers as a joint IT and marketing initiative. But what about the other social networks?


Reddit is a community-based program that’s more about interaction than media. It bills itself as “The Front Page of the Internet” and is owned by US magazine giant Conde Nast these days. Basically, it lets its users curate and discuss the best content on the web. It’s become massively influential in the areas of politics and culture. Use reddit to develop sub-reddits about areas of interest to your potential markets. Start discussions and engage users in a community you can lead and track to grow your business. You can also use reddit as a customer service channel to address and resolve customer service issues around your product, service or sector. As well as attracting the attention of potential customers who are dissatisfied with a competitor’s service, you can also keep customers happy and engaged with your company.


Tumblr is a microblogging site that can be a powerful tool to nurture brand awareness. Unlike facebook, tumblr is indexed by search engines, and can be accessed directly from the web. You can also integrate tumblr posts into your facebook timeline. Use tumblr in conjunction with your marketing department to catch young people who are averse to traditional media. More than 50% of tumblr’s users are under 25, so if you’re targeting this market, a presence on this social network is a must. Follow people who’ll strike a chord with your target market, and reblog and “like” often. You should also take advantage of tumblr’s (and google’s) data analytics to track your progress on the platform.


Quora is a Q&A service that lets users ask and answer questions in real-time. It’s a great tool to start discussions on anything from technology and investment to the possibility of becoming Batman. Use Quora to sharpen your communication skills and respond to questions in your are of business, establishing yourself as a thought leader in your vertical in an informal and unexpected setting. It’s certainly not a tool for self-promotion or marketing the way tumblr can be – this is about connecting with important contacts and joining discussions about your area of expertise in a responsible, respectful manner. Robin Marchant is the National Marketing Manager at Brenann IT.